in on the joke and I can't stop laughing  Creepers Currently Stalking Me


Shopping with the boys, #marcusbutlertv #jacksgap #finnharries!

Shopping with the boys, #marcusbutlertv #jacksgap #finnharries!

The votes are in for the 2012 Queerty Awards… and we won! Thank you so much for everyone who voted for my video with Jack & Finn, "Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang" for "LOL of the Year" and for me as “YouTube Idol of the Year” - we did it!

I’m in no way surprised that somebody took this clip from my latest video and put it on repeat for 12 seconds.

So y’all already saw the video we made of me teaching Jack & Finn some gay slang, now check out the video on their channel where they taught me British slang. It’s fabulous!

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